Mandatory Data Reporting


From 1st July 2018, it will become mandatory for Principal Certifiers to report certain data to the Building Professionals Board (NSW Fair Trading).

Data will be required to be submitted throughout the development process, from the time that the Principal Certifier is appointed, through to the issuance of a final occupation certificate.


The type of data that is required to be reported includes:

- Data about the development site

- Data about the development consent

- Data about the building

- Data about the principal contractor

- Data about each certificate

- Data about each critical stage inspection

- Data required if a notice of intention is issued

- Data required if a modified DA/CDC is granted


This is real time data reporting, and it is going to become more critical than ever to ensure that information is accurate & timely.

We also remind you that all critical stage inspections must be booked by no later than 3pm on the day before the inspection is required. Failure to book in a critical stage inspection will result in a missed inspection, which restricts the Principal Certifier from issuing an Occupation Certificate at the completion of works.

It is likely that the Building Professionals Board will be using the data collected as an auditing tool, so we will continue to strictly apply the legislation to ensure that we maintain our clean disiplinary record with the Building Professionals Board.

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