Company Profile

Greenfield Certifiers Pty Ltd provide certification services to the greater Sydney metropolitan area.

Our staff have excellent knowledge of the building industry and building regulation from long careers in construction, local government, state government and private consultancy.

As holders of A1 Level of Accreditation we are able to certify all building classifications including houses, retail, high rise residential apartments, schools, factories and warehouses.

We are proud to be elected by NSW Planning to be a nominated certifier as part of their Electronic Housing Programme.

To make sure we get it right our staff are encouraged to communicate with Council staff, NSW Planning and other Certifiers.

Greenfield Certifiers engage a qualified town planner to provide compliance advice in regard to all complying development applications. We believe that this legislation requires expert advice from a specialist.

Key policy of Greenfield Certifiers

  • Provide a fast & professional building approval service
  • Maintain a high degree of technical knowledge of NSW building regulation
  • Always act in accordance with the Code of Conduct prescribed in the Building Professionals Act 
  • Return phone calls 

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